Friday, March 14, 2014

Polymeri Online 14.3.14 | Twenty Heads monsters, Wendy's 2014 Year of the (polymer clay canes) tree, Carie's mini-birdies, Thumb book holder, Spanish retro-punk and The Polymer Arts Magazine tools and article feature

Can't believe 2 weeks passed since my previous post.

I am all buried into building a new website (details soon) and setting aside any other assignments I have...
So what's new in the polymer world? 
Here are few links I found interesting -

David Pound is one of the artists I follow on Instagram. His business and website name is called "Twenty Heads"". 
Since he was a little kid, he started creating his monsters out of his mom's clay flower arrangements. (I can imagine her face when she saw a petal missing! oh my).
Raised on a steady diet of comic books, science fiction movies, and generally anything strange he fed his need to create. His characters are fun and scary at the same time. Follow is monsters on Instagram it will make you smile (or stare fearfully) at them.

Polymer clay canes by Wendy
Wendy Jorre de St Jorre is creating landscape/trees millefiori canes in all kind of shapes, colours and designs. You can relax under her palm trees cane or see the moon shining in the night canes. 
She declared 2014 to be her year of the tree. She promise to make an attempt to make a cane every week that features a tree. Hopefully this self challenge will expand her knowledge of cane making and also give her some interesting canes to play with. Challenging ourselves is a good thing! 
Thank you atelierlilaroz for sending me her link!

Carie's birdies
Kelbycarie, Carie Schoen published these cute mini polymer clay birds for sale on her Ebay store. 
Carie is a sculpturing artist and her figures always seems to me are taken from a certain scene. They are either smiling, talking, serious, looking aside, up. So beautiful. 
In her repertoire of creations you can find animals, fairies, small figurines, imaginary creatures and more.
Although she has many links online (Etsy, DevianArt, Twitter, Photobucket) I couldn't dig more information about her artist bio. Enjoy her Flickr gallery.

Polymer Clay Book holder by Laura
If you're a book reader and like to hold your book in one hand (me!) than you may find this prop very useful. 
Laura (Zoeowyn) created this thumb book holder and bookmark from polymer clay. It can be a fancy one or made of colourful leftovers and will do the job either case. 
Zoeowyn is Laura's magic word for giggles and bubbles, fairies of all sizes, pink dresses and muddy frogs and it was made by combining her childrens' names.

Polymer Clay Beads on felt backing
Spanish polymer clay artist Noemí Lozano (1984Jewelry) is from Girona, Catalonia, Spain (been there! Such a beautiful place) is playing with polymer clay to create a geometric jewelry collection as well as cute figurines keychains. 
Her beads seem to have some kind of backing (either rubber strap, felt or fabric) and no stringing is necessary. This retro-punk bracelet sits beautifully wrapped around her wrist.

The Polymer Arts Magazine
Article about copyrights and accreditation
Thank you Sage Bray for featuring me in another great issue of The Polymer Arts Magazine!
The "Wrap it Up" issue is packed with goodies! 
Fun tips, insightful articles, important copyright issues regarding tutorials and classes and many more!
I was invited to participate in the tools tips article and share my opinion regarding tutorials copyrights and how that effects my work, attitude and future steps. Very important issue.

My Favorite tools article
Don't miss my ball tools tips! There are so many things you can do with these fondant tools!

The ball tools are a very powerful tool to use with polymer clay and serve for many benefits. They can - frill, stretch, round, thin out, create indents, it can curve or concave depending on your needs, it can created special patterns on the clay due to the 8 ball sizes, it can enhance veins of a flower/leaf and create special effect and many more!

My new favourite tool - Ball tools
You can see a demonstration on how we use the ball tools in our flower academy free mistletoe video:

The ball tools are back in stock in my Etsy shop; if you are looking for new tools to add to your studio (I personally love them!) press on my Etsy link above. 

Polymer Clay "Wireless Roses"
Polymer Clay "Wireless Roses"
Here are 2 roses I made (with these tools taken from the "Flower Academy" tutorial). 
Think about the endless possibilities of flower earrings, brooches, pins and so much more. Fun!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thank you very much for including me in your article. I am very happy that you like it.
    My English is not very good, sorry for the mistakes.
    A hug :)

  2. Great post! Been reading a lot about different uses of this medium. Thanks for the info!