Saturday, March 22, 2014

Polymeri Online 22.3.14 | Lorina's tiny flower balls, Tonia's themed fairies, Mary Anne's catch of the day, Adopt a polymer clay husky, Wire end caps tricks, Thought of an artist inspiration video

Larisa (her close friends calls her Lorina) from the Republic of Moldova discovered handmade jewelry 5 years ago, and since then she always try to improve her knowledge and creations. 
Lorina's tiny tiny flowers
She loves to experiment with shades & colors, techniques, assembly methods and materials. Besides jewelry, she likes embroidery.

Look at these little flowers! imagine the time and patience it takes! Her Instagram is full of goodies.

Tonia's fairies
Italian artist Tonia (Angenia Creations), loves art in all its forms; loves fashion and at the moment she is taking professional graphics courses in Naples and hopes one day to work in an advertising agency and to create illustrations for storybooks.
Her miniature fairies are full of details, tenderness and sweetness. Browse her facebook page to see her process and building her multi-layered fairies.
Thank you Kimberly Idalski for this link!

Mary Anne's catch of the day
Mary Anne’s catch of the day are colorful fish made of endless colours, millefiori canes, dots and patterns. Her flickr is “flooded” with wonderful flat fish decorating tin boxes and 3D scary fish – celebration of color!
Take a look at her studio – everything is within an arm reach.

Adopt a husky!
Want to adopt a dog? Consider adopting a new husky earring set! 
This sweet video by ArtzieRush!
ArtzieRush is Lizhu and her YouTube channel focuses mainly on polymer clay creation along with other forms of art that she likes to try out. Don’t forget to name your new puppy dogs! ;)

Wire End caps tips
TIPEnd caps! Looking for a creative way to end your beads? This tip will sparkle new ideas to use your tools as assistants to curl wire on and create beautiful end caps!

Last link is something for all you artists in your souls out there.
Neil Gaiman gives an amazing, inspiring speech to art graduates.
He is talking in such sincerity about the ups and downs of being an artist, how to deal with our successes, our failures and even gives his no. 1 tip for freelancers (which was great if we were pre-internet era...).
Amazingly powerful.
I was personally touched. I plan to keep this video as a reminder to the fact that we are…human and thankfully we have our art which keeps us happy.  Thank you Melanie Muir for posting this J
Have a great weekend!