Thursday, April 3, 2014

Polymeri Online 3.4.14 | Scottish Terrier scarf brooch, Rainbow giraffe millefiori cane, Lock your polymer, Buttons master class & My selected beads for Larks' "1000 Beads" book

Asia's scarf brooch
Burkamus - Asia Kuzahmetova got a very unexpected requested for a scarf brooch. Having limited silhouettes of Scottish Terrier she decided to give it a try and the final result is oh so charming!
Asia lives in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) and creates in various polymer clay techniques.
I especially liked her beautiful colourful cats beads!
Here is another version of her brooch in a flower theme.

Pilar's rainbow giraffe
As the admin of the Flickr millefiori cane group I sometimes find fun and colourful canes. Here is Spanish artist Pilar's rainbow giraffe cane. what a fun cane! Have you considered taking an animal pattern and turn it colourful?  Pilar's flickr galley is all about colours, patterns, textures and designs.

Locker room hit
Jen Cruz posted a super cute polymer clay key and lock design in her Facebook page.
This project was created for a "Sweet Pairings" Challenge entry and I am sure it will be a hit in her locker room!
Jen is the owner of "purple luggage" - her polymer clay and crafts business, she is a dog-loving & crafty musician and has been working with polymer clay since the mid-90's.
She mostly love doing millefiori canes, faux surfaces, miniature animals and sculpting and also loves covering things and probably cover her dogs if they would only sit still!

Buttons tutorial by Nadejda
Russian artist Nadejda Lihacheva creates polymer clay in all styles and her final products range from jewelry, photo frames, candle holders to mirrors.  Her main interest is polymer clay but she is always looking for creative ideas! Take a look at her glue gun bracelet tutorial! Creative!

Finally got my contributor copy of Lark's "1000 Beads" book!
I am honoured to be a part of this beautiful collection of beads and talented artists featured in the book.
There are quite a lot polymer clay artists and beads curated in the book, some of them I didn't know by name (and I remember MANY polymer clay artists names!).
This publication is great news for the polymer clay community! Let us spread the word and keep upgrading our medium!

My selected beads were the "Brocade Collection" hemispheres and the "LifeSavers Extrudinary" beads.
Thank you Lark people for your support in polymer clay people!

Have a great day and weekend to come!

Iris Mishly's Brocade Collection - Polymer Clay Beads (purses)

Iris Mishly's Extrudinary Life Savers - Polymer Clay Beads