Friday, April 25, 2014

Polymeri Online 25.4.14 | Cabochonmania, Filigree Playdoh, Polymer mind games, Ceramic molds & Lady Gaga in Fimo

Have you seen Cabochonmania Facebook page? That is heaven for all cabochon lovers! 
This Italian artist (his/her name?) mentioned the cabochons are handmade of all kind of materials and styles - soutache, miyuki, embroidery, wire wrapped, bead embroidery, resin and many of them resembles polymer clay to my eyes.

Edith Fischer-Katz, also known for her playdoh canning technique is playing again - this time it's creating a "filigree" or netting pattern.
Translated from hebrew, she designed millefiori canes and bordered specific areas in playdoh. Later on, these slices were baked and washed in water to release the playdoh. If nessecary she pushes the playdoh out with a tooth pick or another tool, taking extra care not to break the cane. Cool ha? 
Idit is a master artist in sculpturing and teaches classes. 
Her millefiori adventures are probably her way to experiment and be inspired.

Here is a fun mind game. When looking at this geometric brooch you would think the coloured clay pieces are bordered with black clay - right? Well, it's only an illusion. In the tutorial you can see that the brooch is made using 2 layers: back layer is black, front layer is coloured and the small space between them seems like a black border.
The project is copyrighter to which is a russian website for crafters sharing their ideas, tutorials and articles.

Wash your eyes with Nancy Adams' (Roundrabbit) beautiful perfect round molds. Aren't they pretty? They seem like a huge collection of findings, buttons and other found objects embedded inside clay. 
Do you carry a piece of clay with your anywhere so that if something pops up you'll be able to copy its beauty into your clay? 
I always think about it but never really took the clay with me :) 
Nancy's ceramic beads are to die for, so vivid, colourful, vibrant and elegant!

This last link is a bit out of your comfort zone, and when I say comfort I mean dramatic and bold. 
Italian artist Umberto Mulignano (Fimo's love) created a replica of Lady Gaga in her video G.U.Y. 
Since lady Gaga herself is not a shy person to say the least, you'd know what to expect. Many of his figures are inspired by her many faces and costumes. Umberto is a cake topper and a miniaturist.
Checkout his youtube channel for more of his work -

Those of you getting ready to EuroSynergy - Have a great journey!
See you all soon and have a great weekend!

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