Saturday, April 12, 2014

Polymeri Online 12.4.14 | Brooms & Witches, Lines in polymer, Pardo polymer clay JellyFish tutorial, Breaking the molds and Dixie Ann's fresh & flourishing new Flower Academy garden

We are one minute before Passover holiday and I am doing cleaning all around the house and online hoping to finish as much as possible before we're on vacation.
My new website is in it's final stages and soon will be revealed. Can you guess what is will be about? Take a guess! I'd be happy to hear what you're thinking.

Italian Irene Del Re (Creazioni Del Re) is living in a world of fantasy, cute witches, brooms and other smiling creatures. In her process she is sculpturing and painting her designs. I tried my best to make sure her creations are made of polymer clay although couldn't find a reference. If you take a closer look of her "process/studio" shots in Facebook, I think I noticed some tools that belong to our (polymer) world. 

Pedro Da Fonseca
Another polymer(?) mystery is Bulgarian Pedro da fonseca. Although his pieces can be made of wood or ceramics I want to believe it is made of polymer clay. I can see seed beads embedded inside his pendants and not sure this is possible with ceramic (extreme heating) or wood.
His lines, colors & graphic design are delicate and so eye pleasing.

Agne's JellyFish Tutorial
French artist Agnes made cool looking jellyfish with pardo clay, paints, liquid clay and more. She is generously sharing her tutorial in her flickr gallery. Browse her 12 photos for detailed instructions on how to create these creatures (use arrow to move from one photo to another). Her gallery is full of techniques and experiments. She is kind to translate her blog to both english and french.
Don't miss Agnes's tip on how to use plastic shampoo bottles for your beads!

Nick's Chocolate chip cookie
Nick Jodice is "Break The Mold". According to Nick, the name "Break the Mold" isn't just about molds, it's about being different and creative. Nick is moving gracefully from super realistic zombie/monsters sculpturing to fun humorous polymer clay creations (such as this chocolate chip cookie!).

A bit of teachers' show-off! 
Dixie Ann Scott spent her winter preparing her blooming garden with the Flower Academy tutorial. She has created almost ALL flowers in the tutorial!  
Thank you so much Dixie Ann for your hard work and beautiful creations! I am sure you will enjoy these always fresh & flourishing flowers for many years to come!
More in her Pinterest gallery -

Dixie-Ann's Roses Polymer Clay Flowers

Dixie-Ann Dahlia Polymer Clay Flowers

Wishing you a great holiday (Easter & Passover)!