Thursday, March 15, 2012

Win a FREE copy of my new tutorial - Guessing game!

Yesterday I promised to play a new guessing game with you guys, in regards to my new upcoming tutorial.

This new tutorial (actually there are two of them, in similar techniques) was something I always thought about but couldn't find any leads how to transform it into a polymer clay design, so I sat in my studio and started playing!

Eventually, after I have completed the design and came to my dear husband to show him, he said - Hey! this looks like...!
You can see the photo.

Some of you may visited this place but me, I haven't been there before.
Actually, in 2 weeks we are celebrating my son's Bar-Mitzva and all of us are doing a wonderful family trip abroad. One of the locations is this place, we are about to see it in real.

Not that I meant it, the tutorial is published so close to our trip and you are all invited to play a guessing game to win a free copy of it!
Try guessing where is this place (I know this one will quickly found out), what is my new tutorial about, materials, design, technique - anything you have in mind - just post in your comments along with your email address!
You don't have to be right - every comment is "right" in this game!

In 24 hours (or as soon as I finish working on the new tutorial and publish it), One of you will be drawn out from all the comments and WIN IT - FREE!
Thank you! the drawing is closed! winners announced here

Give it a try!
What have you got to lose? Only winning! :)

If you want to double your chances - Share this on Facebook and Twitter and come back and let me know where you published it.

Waiting to hear your comments!
Good luck :)