Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Polymeri Online 14.3.12 | Dots and circles, Manicotti beads, Jungle bangle and Little red riding hood necklace

Nataliya Solonchuk's tiny dots and circles are so sweet and naive, she is all into small microscopic details that makes a larger design. She recently joined Flickr so I am guessing her photo stream will be soon filled with more goodies.

MaryAnne treats her jewelry designs as if they are canvas and paints. The richness in details is wonderful. I loved her journal covers, and take a look at her "Manicotti" beads! a piece of art!

MariaEva - Niná Ramos is in her personal imaginary zoo - blue and purple leopards are a part of her jewelry line! Jungle-Bangle!
She is from Venezuela, her daughter gave her clay and materials for Christmas, her brother sent her books and that was a start of a great journey!

Filoecoloridiila from Italy creates whimsical costume jewelry, full of color, irony and craziness here and there and uses resin, polymer clay, pannolenci, felt and upcycled materials to create unique and often one-ok-a kind accessories.

Get ready, tomorrow I am posting a new guessing game for my upcoming tutorial, this time I promise - no tiny photos! See you soon :)

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