Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Polymeri Online 7.3.12 | Curled polymer clay spoons, Funky food, Portrait stamps and Coil beads

First I have to apologize for neglecting my weekly posts, a nasty virus has caught my son and then had to pay me a visit... Mid-seasons are the worst for catching viruses! Now I am recovering and back to my duties! :)

The first polymeri link is by PolymerSpoon. Marie Laure is a french artist who works mostly in Millefiori. You can find curly spoons and various colorful creations in her flickr along with several photos of her canning process.

Bistro Bling is a menu of funky food jewelry made from polymer clay. The "chef" is Jane Lubin, a mixed media artist. She created her fun and funky jewelry for personal use but was soon being stopped everywhere by curious people who wanted some quirky jewelry of their own. Her website, designed as a menu is cool!

Not polymer but a wonderful way to stamp your art! Portrait stamps! isn't this the most original "signature stamp"? I loved it! You can use Lise Grossmann services to create your own hand writing stamp. brilliant.

leeleebeads' photostream is full of snakes, coils, strips, curls all made of polymer clay. Leah Hagan is a clay artist and a beadmaker. She even created special themed sets for the holidays. They look like small colorful candy to me.


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