Sunday, February 26, 2012

Polymeri Online 26.2.2012 | Play-Doh take 2, Figures late at night, Mokume wonder & The great jewelry display

Once again, Yondat Dascalu and Idit fischer-Katz (Zoota) made a collaboration to think of new ideas to use play-doh and natural clay. Two years ago they figured out a way to create canes using Play-Doh and now came up with a new idea to use natural clay as a mold for polymer clay. Since natural clay curing temperature is much higher then polymer clay curing temperature you can use it as a "shape holder" to create many shapes of polymer. Give it a try!

When I was reading blog posts in the Israeli Etsy group I found an artist called Charles Chetrit. Since he was a child he was sculpturing figures from olive tree branches. 4 years ago he was injured at work and found himself at home for a long period of time. That was the perfect time to go back to his artistic roots when he found out about polymer clay. To create his large sculptures he is using a metal bases and bringing his figures to life. Today he is the manager of the filming department on an Israeli tv channel and find the late night hours the best time to create. Thank you Charles for sharing your story with me :)

Samantha Braund is a multi talent artist working with polymer clay as well. Her polymer gallery in flickr is full of wonderful mokume sheets, beautiful beads and lovely colors. She is a UK based jewelry designer and her other interests include digital art, water colour painting & sculpting in various medias.

Although not polymer, this jewelry display is to die for! How I wish I had one like this!

I recently joined Cynthia Tinnaple StudioMojo's newsletter and it's wonderful! Seeing Cynthia's daily links are a great inspiration and getting her weekend emails are even greater! Check it out, she is offering a free sneak-peek in her website.

Clay away!


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