Monday, February 13, 2012

Polymeri Online Valentine 2012 | Hearts ALL Hearts

Valentine is a day away, just in time for 4 additional polymer hearts!

Susan Crocenzi (Sucra) created this elaborated heart wall hanging with ceramic, glass, smalti & millefiore. Susan is a Mixed-media artist teaching techniques for Mosaicists - Tempered Glass and Polymer Clay.

Polymer Penguin is Julee. She discovered polymer clay 6 years ago, At first she worked on the projects in the garage, but quickly outgrew it. Now, she is converted her old quilting room over to polymer clay.

Check out her wonderful heart earring set - antiqued with liquid polymer clay colored with black ink.

Adriana Allen has a touching personal story in her etsy profile. Every item she creates is a victory over her unforgiving disease: arthritis. She has it for 30 years but never gave up. Every piece she creates proves her that the disease cannot stop her from doing what she loves.
As I was checking out her cuff in Etsy, it was sold! I hope all hearts will!
This link is to an additional cuff of hers - green colored.

Check out this heart charm, looks like metal - right?
RubyShoesSam (Sandra DeYoung) did a great job with this one, sculpted into a heart, textured and highlighted to give it an aged silver metal look.
Sandra was mentioned before in PolymeriOnline on 2008 so it's time to take a new look at her art.

Have a great LOVEly holiday! I'm off to eat a chocolate heart :)