Tuesday, May 19, 2009

8 days to go...

I don't believe i am writting in my blog when i have PILE of things to do, and i am not talking just about polymer clay work, laundry pile is so high, i think i have neglected my duties in the last 2 weeks, these preparations to my 1st international class are a real project and i am doing my best to be prepared :)

so... checklist? wanna go over my things with me? (such a newbie excitement!!!, please forgive me)
let's see -
raw canes and demos? got it! (how do i pack those for flight? they won't let me get those on plane - right?)

Brochure & tutorials for students? - arrived in the mail yesterday! check!

keychains? & barrettes? finished today - check

beads for swap? almost finished

necklaces and jewelry - not yet, i have to string those

table? - a mess (see above)
soon it will all be packed and ready for launch :)
few more days and.....
I'm all flat on the floor :)
thanks for letting me share my mess!

(sorry the photos are small, i do need some surprizes... :) )