Thursday, May 7, 2009

Polymeri Online 7.5.09

It's been a while since i posted, so sorry, i am preparing for the Polymer-Play-Days England event in 3 weeks and i have so much to do! canes, canes & more canes!! The brochure is already sent to print, cane slices are already baked and glued for demoing, getting close to finish!
here are some cool links i found in between my preperations:

parrotjewelry / Alicia is an artist working mostly in polymer clay art, and spend most of her time creating custom parrot jewelry. Sometimes she post photos of custom creations here, but these items are not for sale... Enjoy! (photo)

AlisonEKurek - Like many artists Alison traveled through different periods in her artwork. her earlier works were self portraits, still life images and social commentary pieces. Her work ranges from hand colored black and white photographs, to polymer clay and ceramics, and most recently paintings in acrylics. don't you just love those polymer clay cats? Alison also recently joined PCAGOE.

Now here's a original way to build a cane! it's clay, geekery & millefiori all together :)

The Pink Koala is the original Wee Little Gnome Homes It started as a Mother/ Daughter store where they sold scarves. The artist (name?) is a 22 year old art historian/ Archaeology student that loves art, have been working with polymer clay for a while. It has definetly changed her life having a store on Etsy and hope it can do the same for others. Besides polymer clay she enjoy knitting, embroidery, painting rocks, playing golf, traveling in Italy, playing the piano - the good life!