Monday, May 25, 2009

play-doh and flower canes

2 of my fellow friends in Israel- Idit Fischer and Yonat Dascalu hade a remarkable idea about making flower canes and "getting rid" of their background easily. They made a flower cane, petals and center, then wrapped the petal with thin orange play-doh clay sheet, (which is a water base clay), the sheet was #5 in the pasta machine, and continued with wrapping the background of the flower. The play-doh will not dry when it's wrapped in the clay, Idit mentioned that she has a cane 2 weeks old and it is not dry yet.
after letting the new cane rest a bit to cool, she started to peel slowly the background and reveal the orange play-doh wrapping. this takes a while since you need to do it gently so you won't distort the flower shape. after finished all the pealing they put the backgroundless cane in the water so that the orange leftovers will be dissolved or you can put it in a strainer and wash with water.

that's it! you have a flower with out a background! worth a try!

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