Saturday, May 23, 2009

Polymeri Online 23.5.09

It's saturday today and i am breathing a bit, had to post my polymeri weekly list before i fly (not sure i can do it next week!)

MaryLClayPainting / Mary is making 'paintings' from clay. each clay 'painting' is made of 100% Polymer Clay, her 'Canvas' is Premo polymer clay (selected for its stiffer qualities) and her 'paints' are the softer, buttery clays of Sculpey III and Fimo soft. she has written a tutorial explaining the process that can be see on Polymer Clay Central. read more about her in her flickr profile...
her etsy shop 'Wonderful Wire'

Chama Navarro from spain (which i am going to meet in UK), she has a cool and simple project for some paper clips and pen holders, there is a youtube film in her site to show it all, and the spanish sounds to me like a song (even though i can't understand a word!) :)

Kerryn Jean Online is a sculpturer from Australia, she sculpts doll, animals, fantasy creatures, wish there was more info about her and her work in her site.

Stephanie Scheetz published a nice tutorial in CRAFT blog for paper beads that can be easily adopted into polymer clay too! a paper clip bangle using safety pins - try it!


  1. Iris! Thank you so much for your kindness and blogging about my clay painting! You're so sweet! :)))

    MaryL :)

  2. Iris, thank you very much for the comment in your blog. I know that many people do not understand Spanish, I will make a tutorial written for use with the translator of Google in my next video in my blog. But I think it does help to see how many people.
    Best wishes!

  3. you're welcome darling :) miss you all...