Thursday, September 11, 2008

Polymeri Online 11.9.08

Lilly Briar is a Polymer Bead Artisan. she has been working with the medium for the past 7 years, teach workshops, do shows and write tutorials for Australian beading magazines. her current expedition is into the world of geometrism, exploring the simplicity of shape/s and creating new ones and incorporating mixed media to make them a little more interesting.

SelenaAnne - wonderful sculptural art, i wish i could know more about this artist :)

2 Roses is artistic collaboration between jewelry designers Corliss Rose, and John Rose. The studio is driven by the principles of exploration and experimentation.

Graphic Pendants is Teri, full-time business student with a passion for crafting. live in Canada, She's always been a creative soul and picked up first her needle and thread at 5 years old.

Ignotz has some great sculpturings in her flickr site -

lasidi has some great geometric design, i just love her cute building canes, her boxes and frames. She is from spain.