Friday, September 5, 2008

Half and half - New collection

My new holidays collection is charachterized by 50% millefiori and 50% color.
Do you ask what does that mean? well, i am simply enjoying my clay, colors and matarial and not using 100% millefiori as i used to :)
I find this collection so enjoyable, much more personal, and wishfull.

In Judaism, a berakhah or bracha is a blessing, usually recited at a specific moments during a ceremony or other activity. we love to bless friends and family in so many occasions - holidays, when you meet, when you visit someone's home for the first time, and more.

This is the reason why i chose to be more personal and give my buyers the chance to enjoy a blessing collection. who doesn't want to bless his beloved friends and family? i'm sure every one will.

Hamsas, keychains, decorations, and many more, you are all welcome to my flickr site to see more.

and some in my etsy store for sale :)


  1. It's always good for an artist to change things up a bit. Can lead to wonderful new designs! It is lovely you want to bring blessings into others homes. The world could use a few more people like you!

  2. Thank you Cindy, this is so nice of you to say that! :)

  3. You have some beautiful new work, Iris!