Friday, October 5, 2012

Polymeri Online 5.10.12 | Eve's duality, Olympic inspired headband, Ceramic and polymer, Bunny ring tutorial

Polymer clay piece
Eve's duality

ClayCatShop posted a polymer clay wall art (I think that is what it is) called "Eve's Duality": an apple, a degree, babies and cell phones? Interesting story here. The piece is made of a painted background, a figure and curls of polymer to decorate it. You can check the process of Eve's Duality's creation here -
ClayCatShop was mentioned on PolymeriOnline about 1 year ago with her lovely pendants, her flickr is full of polymer delights.

Polymer clay Olympic Headband
Olympics is over but here is a quick project to create your own olympic inspired bronze (gold or silver?) headband by Heidi from HandsOccupied blog. You can purchase silver/gold toned metal headbands to paint in your favorite color or cover with fabric and make your own design with polymer.

Ceramic and polymer
Mareike Scharmer posted vessels which combines ceramic and polymer together. This looks like millefiori canes slices placed on ceramic bases - lovely design.
Mareike was mentioned here with her polymer clay toilets (yes!) and bathroom decorations about a year ago as well.
Don't miss her painted car, she has courage, this lady :) Love it!

Polymer clay bunny ring tutorial
17DIY China website posted a cute tutorial for making a bunny ring - No English here but the photos gives a glimpse to the process

Have fun!


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