Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finally! My new Studio Gallery :)

Finally! My new Studio Gallery is ready :) After all the fixing, building, dust and mess, it's ready for me and my students!

The big things are back in place, tables, pasta machine :) and all my canes, boxes and beads, it's a good opportunity to throw some things (or maybe not, i might need it...) and arrange all the mess on my working table...

I still need a nice carpet and some photos on the wall, but that can wait a bit longer!
Did i mention that red is my favorite color?

After everything is back in place i felt like working and working, and i can't stop! beads, pillow, hearts, hamsa's, hangers, it's so much fun! You can find more on my Etsy


  1. It looks like a great space! I especially like the colorful shelving.

  2. You must be thrilled! I love the red shelves and the beautiful wood floor. I'm jealous ;-)