Thursday, December 20, 2007

Polymeri Online 20.12.07

Hector Vera from Australia, He is an Artist & an Educator.

Amelka's Czech site brings us many items, one of them by Klára Kubešová (i think) is a flexible animal project, I think some of us had such a toy when we were young :)
and more FIMO projects -

Peace Cane by Cane Spinner Designs

Annie's Handmade Jewelry - lamp work & polymer clay

Some Shopping - Kraft Lady Art Moulds and texture sheets

Solet Luna Gallery - Catherine (Cate) Lansing - makes Women and Men in period-dress, Literary Characters, Witches, Ogres, Queens, Rogues and Animals-behaving-like-people. Characters created in 1:12 scale. Some of the links are broken, these links are still active.

A Beginners Flower Tutorial and some sculptures by Hagit Gano

If you need a quick and easy origami gift box tutorial - this one is for you:

Merry Christmas to all the celebrating!


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