Thursday, December 20, 2007

Home Blessings - New stuff :)

In Israel, almost every family hangs a Home blessing.
It can be a Hamsa (5 finger hand) or a different shape but it's a very popular ornament.

The prayer's written in Hebrew or in English and asking for peace, love and happiness for the home tenants. Most of us hang it near the main door, to protect our home and family from bad luck and the evil eye.

I love making those unique home blessing wall ornaments, they are a perfect gift!

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  1. shalom from france iris!
    where can I find hebrew letters rubber stamps and judaica and hebrew letters cookies cutter on internet?
    i also love those "birkat habait", and i want to make one for a friend.
    yours are really a pleasure for the eyes!

  2. Hi rafaela!
    email me to and i will give you the details i have :)
    Thank you!