Thursday, December 13, 2007

Polymeri Online 13.12.07

Linda Peterson Designs brought her very interesting yourtube movie how to for making shaving cream beads -

Debra Dembowski makes figurative jewelry and sculpture, she hand fabricate her stylized people using small chasing and repousse tools to create arms, legs and other dimensional details.Their faces made from polymer clay using a hybrid molding / sculpting technique, then further define the details with washes of acrylic paints and chalks to achieve the doll like appearance.

Andrea Herrera or Cre8 makes small tiny sculpturing, working with polymer clay, paper clay, air dry clays. - old site

Polymer Clay Tutorials and Other Fun Craft Projects by Tommy Venable
and Etsy store

Rings sell Wholesale Jewelry-Making Supplies, but you can click and see some Design Contest Winners for inspiration :) - roll down to Design Contest Winners

Janice Abarbanel makes colorful, unique, one-of-a-kind beads, limited edition beads and art jewelry.

I just love paroledepate blog, they are so creative and generous with their tutorials!This time it's a snow man in a jar -


  1. Thank you for posting my videos on your blog! I am an admirer of your work as well. I will post your link on my blog.

    Please keep in touch!

  2. Iris, Thank you for posting about me and my website on your blog. I have been a fan of your work as well. I think you are the 1st to blog about me. What a surprize!!!

    I have already told everyone I know and all the groups I am in so your link to your blog here will soon be everywhere as well as from my blogs and website.

    Do keep in touch!
    Andrea "Cre8"

  3. Hi Iris,

    You have beautiful polymer clay products (was about to say 'hearts' but I had a look at your etsy shop and found more). They are all stunning!

    Rachel :)

  4. Iris, thank you for mentioning our jewelry-design contest! Feel free to send your readers to our site to learn about our current (2008) contest, with big prizes available in several categories. It's at:

    Many thanks and best wishes from

    at Rings & Things

  5. Hi Iris, thanks for mentioning our Design Gallery!

    FYI, we've just updated the URL to go the gallery of Design Contest Winners, which is now:


    at Rings & Things