Friday, October 26, 2007

Polymeri Online 26.10.07

Jeanne Rhea had a great idea, make a rubber stamp out of drawing, little snakes of clay and liquied clay - check it out -

Hermann Mejia is a Venezuelan illustrator, living in New York City, whose caricature-driven work frequently appears in Magazines, Stamps, Newspapers etc. i didn't find any word about his materials but i guess this could be some kind of clay.

Stonehouse Studio feature fancy jewelry from polymer clay along with made from natural, unfaceted gemstones and sterling silver.

Begginers project by Valerie Wallace - Pen covering with silver leaf - nice tutorial:

Lindly Haunani tips about keeping knives sharp worth a million -
* don’t cut directly onto a glass or marble work-surface, use a slip sheet of bond paper, index card or deli-wrap instead
* when trimming clay against metal = bead mandrels or metal rulers use a utility knife instead
* store your blade when not in use in a plastic box sleeve or a polymer clay blade case
* try to avoid dropping it onto hard surfaces, as a burr at the end of the blade makes for “dull” cutting
* the acidity in some people’s natural skin oils can cause the blade to tarnish and drag... read more in this link:

Marina Bychkova from makes (according to her) distant, far-away sadness dolls that recall childhood fairy-tales, and a dark, brooding sexuality. These are definitely not kid's toys, but stunning works of art.
read more in her interview -

Linda S. Wingerter grew up in a family of artists: her great grandfather painted church murals in Russia, her grandfather was a puppeteer, her grandmother was a miniaturist, her father was a graphic artist, and her mother is a book designer. She became a published artist at 13 when Cricket Magazine printed her drawing of a paper dragon in their letter pages.
Linda enjoys renovating her 90 year old house, making dolls, figure skating, and playing the fiddle and musical saw. She uses painted sculpy for the dolls head, the rest is: lace, muslin, ribbon, metal moulding, wire, DMC thread, dowels, and costume jewelry.

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