Thursday, October 18, 2007

Polymeri Online 18.10.07

Mike Buesseler landscape creations are a delight, i found this tutorial for a Double Masked Leaf Impression, don't think i linked
to it yet :)

Non polymeri but a little about wiring and combining it with other materials -

A project of wrapping wire around a focal bead - "Twice Around The World Tutorial" (scroll down

A lesson of face sculpturing by creathina's blog - (scroll down)

Flo Hanover works with cernit and make beautiful dolls, she is such an artistic person - an artist, teacher, weaver, wife and gardener, doll designer, sculptor, costumer, wig maker and more. she sculpt each original doll from polymer clay by hand.

Coralie Swaney has more sculpturing for us to see, her work is so unique -

Another sculpture artist - Faerydae, scarry but beautiful, she tells about her self that she is relatively new sculptor, she's been exploring this medium for almost 3 years now, and that she is very slow when working, The first 15 months, she completed only
ONE piece :)

MioPupazzo / Marain this link we can see some steps of making a doll including armature made of wool, she is also creating Crazy quilting frame
dolls, They are made from Paperclay, Sculpey and other materials. -

You must take a look at cristalline blog, she keeps adding more canes and tutorials, this is so fun!

Have you heard about CraftCast blog? Craftcast with Alison Lee?
while browsing the web for craft sites I found this site, Alison is exploring crafting content through the new world of pod casting, with live interviews, reviews of the latest supplies and materials, as well as addressing listeners questions. I've been listening to the interviews while in the gym, and there you go! 45 minutes just passed!Each week a new 30 minute show will be posted for podcast downloading. Included in each cast will be an on air interview with a current author, artist, or crafter trendsetter. i've seen some polymer clay artists there too: Donna Kato, Gwen Gibson, Celie Fago and more. it's great to hear how these talented women started :)


  1. Great links! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi Iris, thanks for the mention. Love your site, so many tutorial links. Thanks for sharing.