Thursday, October 11, 2007

Polymeri Online 11.10.07

cloud777 (Olga) is known for her detailed millefiori canes, this time it's a woman face cane, beautifully designed, take a look at the steps and blog -

Another useful Mokume gane tutorial by papernclay blog

I can't say i know much about politics in the US (i am hardly involved in politics in israel) but this site made me wonder - democrates? donkeys? can some one tell me why?
DEM DONKEYS: Handmade Jewelry for Democrats

Laura Peery - not polymer clay work but a great inspiration -

Loretta Polaski makes lovely Art Dolls including polymer clay, porcelain, cloth, paper maiche and more! Art Dolls are one of a kind, handmade, she specializes in polymer clay and use premium clay created specifically for dolls. handsculpt each doll without molds. read more in her site -

Joshua Knuth Sculpture and Taxidermy
What an interesting work, take a look at Joshua's fish -

Dawn M Schiller
Dawn makes Seidh, pronounced seed, these are a Tribe of Little Folk that inhabit the Forest. These tiny Fae remove ripe seeds from pods, and scatter them so there will be a plenty of trees and pods in coming Seasons. After their work is done, the Seidh then take up residence in the empty pods, curled up snug and sound for Winter.

Joyce Geleynse babies are so cute, they are born in her studio and lie bundled up in a cloth blanket. her creations are presented in the Canadian artists and art resource directory. Visual arts from a Canadian perspective - Artists In Canada site.

Geena Bregar and Dave Rybolt make beautiful mosaic work made of polymer clay miniature tiles -

COBRA ORIGINALS ~ Canine Breed ArtDogs sculpturings, the artist work with polymer clay, resin and other materials.

Jackie C. Schneider is a Parkinson's patient and along with her friends create wonderful art.She works with polymer clay and specialize on faces sculpturing.


  1. I'm about as un-political as you can get, but I do know the answer to your question. Sort of. Donkeys are the symbol of the Democratic Party (and Elephants are the symbol of the Republican Party). What I can't tell you is *why*, although a google search could probably clear that up.