Friday, October 19, 2007

REGESH Project

Last year 3 of our israeli soliders were taken by terrorists -

Gilad Schalit - On Sunday, 06/25/2006, at 05:40 in the morning, a terrorist group of several Palestinians crossed the border south of the Gaza Strip into Israel through a tunnel and attacked an army facility that was within the sovereign territory of Israel. Gilad was Taken.

Udi Goldwasser & Eldad Regev - On Sunday, 06/18/2006, Udi and Eldad were called up for reserve service on the northern border. They were meant to serve 28 days. The service was to include security patrols along the border and other security tasks for the defense of Israel's northern settlements. They were suddenly attacked by a group of Hezbollah terrorists and were taken.

The Israeli Polymer Clay community decided on a project to be called: ר.ג.ש"/Regesh (Feeling) which stands for the initials of the three last names of the Israeli soldiers kidnapped: Eldad Regev, Udi Goldwasser, Gilad Shalit.
Regesh (Feeling) is a volunteer project of artists from the "Polymer Clay Art Forum" that care about the safety and well being of the kidnapped soldiers. The Forum wishes to support the soldiers' families and let them know they are not alone in the struggle to return their sons home. All proceeds from the sale of our key chains go to assist and support the families of the kidnapped soldiers in their struggle to free their sons.
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