Saturday, May 7, 2011

Polymeri Online 7.5.11

Mags Bonham has been working with polymer clay since 1999. I couldn't agree more with her say that "the special properties of polymer clay allow for an infinite range of techniques and final outcomes and each day in the studio is a revelation of what can be done with this medium".
Take a look at her purse necklace and other goodies in her site and flickr gallery.

Celine B. from France has a beautiful collection of designs in her flickr gallery - jewelry, pins & beads in wonderful colors, some millefiori based, some with an organic "touch", rounded, soft, with a perfect sense of color.

Ravit, a fellow polymer clay artist from Israel, recently got married and made herself a wonderful polymer clay flower bouquet! What a brilliant idea! This one will last forever!
I loved the design and wish i worked with polymer clay 20 years ago... :)

Pilar (amatista) created a cool variation of retro canes, combined with sheets of clay in between, all made into round millefiori canes, she also made disc beads using the same canes or oeftovers

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for featuring my work Iris! And for sharing the other artists as well. Isn't it amazing how many different directions polymer clay artists can go?!

  2. thank you Mags! :) that is so true!

    Nothing can compare to polymer clay ;)