Thursday, May 26, 2011

Animal Farm, A peek behind the curtain

It's been a while that i was waiting for an opportunity to create my own animal collection of charms, ever since i saw felt and fabric folks do it, I wanted to make some from polymer clay.

A week ago I got a phone call from a lady, she is a director in one of the collages here in Israel, theater department. The lady asked me if I can create animal keychains, she said that they are doing a play called "Animal Farm" based on a novel by George Orwell, each actor will receive a special gift at the "finale'" of the play featuring his own character.
What a great idea!
Exactly what I was waiting for.

I made about 25 charms, some not even in the play (penguin? polar bear?)
I had so much fun creating them I couldn't stop :)

You can see how 4 of them were made in 2 videos - The pig, the sheep, the horse and the chicken.
It's really all about working with cookie cutters and creating a flat, 2D design, playing with colors, shapes and having fun.
Let the show begin!
Part 1 - Pig and sheep

Part 2 - Chicken and horse


  1. Your Animal Charms are wonderful Iris!!! I love them all, such great detail... Fun and whimsical!

  2. Thank you Trina! :) I had real fun making them!

  3. You have magic hands!!! thanks

  4. Tineke said:They are super cute, thanks Iris for showing this.

  5. cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just need basic cookie cutters now!!! lol