Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oreo Model :)

I'm 39, turning 40 in 6 months.
That sounds like old to some people (my 15 yrs daughter?) but I feel young! I do! 40 is the new 20 when it comes to being a model.

Several months ago I was going to buy cloths at my favorite shop, they sell casual, soft fabrics, "flowing" cloths, ~gipsy like cloths, some of them are for pregnant women (and some for those who can't stop eating Oreo - me!) - Rainbow Gipsy is their name.

Any way, I bought a dress and a shirt.
The lady at the counter looked at me and asked -
"We're getting ready for summer, would you like to be in our catalog?"
"me? In a catalog? why? are you sure?
"We're looking for REAL women, not models, and you'll look nice (thanks!) and fit exactly to our needs, in fact, there will be about 30 women, if you have friends - please invite them to send us an email".

That sounds like fun! I said yes and waited for the day.

The catalog shooting took place on a nice sunny day, in a small wonderful house surrounded with trees and flowers, It was so nice to meet new friends who all were dressed so nicely, talked, chatted about everything and in between photos were taken all the time.
What a day!

Why am I telling you all this?
Because the catalog photos made me think again of my fears - camera fear.
Dealing with our fears, whether it's every day fears, artistic fears is something almost each of us do.
The fear of rejection, of fail, embarrassing ourselves and many others.
Over time I found out more about how I think and overcome my shyness and fears (camera fear as well), I proved myself I can!
How? placing the fear in front of my face and dealing with it! trying and trying again! till I accomplish the mission!

I try to do one thing that scares me each day.
Can you do something today that scares you? whether it's art related or personal. I'm sure you'll feel different once you're done. success or fail - this will always lead us to the next step which will be much MUCH better.

Psychological & emotional talk, sometimes that's all we need! :)


  1. Wait, you're 1971 as well? Me too, but I turned 40 last Monday :)

  2. Yep, 1971 :)

    Happy Birthday K!


  3. Thanks :) The beast year ;)

  4. You look beautiful, nice picture. Congratulations on being 40. It's really a good time.

  5. Not yet Bonnie, i have 6 months to say "39" :)
    40 will be a reason for another celebration!


  6. Congratulations!! You look great, not like the real Oreo eater! You're gloving!

    I'm turning 40 in 7 months and I feel like 20 and something:)

  7. Thanks Maja!
    Wish we could celebrate our 40's and meet!

    p.s. - You really look like you're 20, honestly!

  8. (She looks like 20 IRL as well, truth be told.)

  9. Thank you both! Yes, Iris, meeting would be fun!