Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Polymeri Online 19.10.11 | Christmas cats, Flowery door knobs, Cute light covers and Maya face cane

Melody O'Beau Designs flickr gallery shows these lovely Christmas cats tree decoration which can be wore as a jewel, In her photos she is sharing some studio shots with us :) Melody is a professional musician by trade, and for the past 14 years she has made wearable art from polymer clay.

Carmen Rose posted a lovely tutorial on making door knobs, she has 60 doors and drawers in her kitchen (sounds like the PERFECT studio!) Easy and fun!

Mary Tempesta light covers caught my eyes and although I am not smoking they do look so cute! faces, bees and fish! what a lovely decoration!
Mary was mentioned before in PolymeriOnline but these worth another one :)

Krokdo (real name?) blog posted a cool tutorial to create a face cane - a maya tribe face. I hope I got the translation correct.

We have a long weekend vacation here and the great weather is also on our side :) Have a great day everyone!


  1. This looks very nice,I really into creative stuff because I want to see things around with full of colors and beauty.

  2. Yes it is ;)
    thanks for the link.
    Happy if it helps ^^