Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Polymeri Online 4.10.11 | Grumpy pumpkin, Computer-game polymer, Polymer toilets, Dripping coffee cup tutorial and wicked witch legs bookmark

Tina goodrich always carries a notepad and favorite pencil or pen. She has this need to create everyday. She says good thing that includes cooking or her family would probably starve to death. :) She has no formal art education, just a hunger for learning all things artsy crafty by reading anything she can get her hands on and then doing it!
Don't miss her "Beware of the Graveyard" necklace in Etsy!

and speaking of creepy/thingies, look at Angela Pyke's polymer clay Creeper from the PC game Minecraft, It took her over 10 hours to make! :)

Don't kill me for posting this link. Polymer clay toilets?
Well, polymer clay looks great any where - even on the toilets - right?
Take a look at Moebelkunst - Mareike Scharmer's (I think it's her name) bathroom design using polymer clay canes and pieces along with traditional mosaic.
What a celebration of colors!
You can see more of her work in progress in YouTube, in this video she is creating her mosaics -

shellony (olga gunkina) posted a tutorial for coffee cup dripping, isn't this cool?

and also, the girls from the russian forum took Kira Nichols's wicked witch legs bookmark and turned into their own tutorial version -

Perfect for Halloween!

Tomorrow I will be posting about a special StudioFair sale I am doing -
Stay tuned!


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