Friday, April 8, 2011

Polymeri Online 8.4.11

Marmelinhas / Ana Kuhnen gallery is full of yummies and cuties! miniature food, figurines, animals clay toys - all made with colorful clay and put a big smile on my face!
Don't miss her YouTube channel for more inspiration and instructions how-to's, it's in Portuguese but it's worth it!

Rebekah Payne is a self taught artist. works mainly with polymer clay creating handcrafted
pendant necklaces, beaded bracelets, earrings with sculpted dragons, romantic winged hearts, skeleton keys, rustic trees, horses...and much more.

Winter is slowly leaving my country but it's always great to see a scarf decoration made of polymer clay, I love scarves, especially fabric ones.
Ilenia Moreni from Italy made a polymer clay scarf "buckle" to wrap her scarf in it, made with coiled polymer clay and a bit of antiquing if i can guess correctly.

Mommaschickens was born because of Helen's 4yr olds love of her cuddly toy chicken - Mommas chickens are hand-made figurine chickens made with Fimo, each chicken takes around two hours to complete and, because they are hand-made, each is unique
and slightly different.
Read about their story in their "about" section, it's pretty cool!

have a great weekend! :)


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