Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blindfolded in April; Challenging My Senses

April is the month of Spring in my town.

Not too long ago I was living in Haifa, the 3rd biggest city in Israel and getting up every morning to the sound of bus engines, breathing smoked air.

About 10 years ago, my husband decided we can't stay in Haifa anymore and we should look for another home for ourselves and children. He looked for a place not too far from our families, where the air is cleaner, birds are singing in the morning (instead of singing buses) and you can smell the flowers blooming - a small piece of nature.

One of the days, he didn't tell me where we're going, blindfolded my eyes and we got in the car.
All I could smell along the way was an amazing smell, later I learned it was the blossom of the Citrus trees with their intoxicating scent. That was April, 10 years ago.

Since then few years have passed, we built our home and planted many citrus trees around us - Lemons, Mandarine, Pomelo, Grapefruit and several others.

Every April I enjoy sitting in my garden, 6am in the mornings, smelling the Spring fragrance with it's colorful flowers, fresh leaves, shining sun and watching the world waking up after the winter.

How does all this relate to us, polymer clay artists?
As you probably know, flowers and polymer clay are a perfect match - Millefiori!
So i figured - what's better theme for April than new flower canes tutorials?

9 new ADVANCED canes joined the crowd!

The new PolyPediaOnline Vol. 26 & 27 invites you to a spring tour with fresh ideas for new flower petals and canes, elaborated and more intricate designs - Learn all my secrets for
accurate & perfect results with your canes!
9 canes, 9 videos = endless ideas!

Skinner blending, folding, inserting, cutting, pinching, shaping, inserting, layering and 2 techniques for precise background filling & reducing!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I enjoyed reading it. The place your husband chose sounds lovely! Sitting in your garden in the mornings in April... With the beautiful smell of citrus filling the air, what a wonderful way to begin your day! :) Happy Spring to you Iris!

    As always, your canes are beautiful!!

  2. Thank you very much ladies :) You are welcome to visit! Coffee is ready :)