Saturday, April 16, 2011

Polymeri Online 16.4.11

A great sunny good morning everyone! :)

Before moving to our wonderful polymer clay weekly links I wanted to share with you a beautiful purse made by one of my "Brocade Collection" Students - Tanja Stumpp, she took this fun and clever product and gave it her own interpretation and her own design - I loved it!
Thank you Tanja for sharing your photos!

Miranda Farrand (photo of elephant) is an avid crafter and stay-at-home mother. She loves to share her clay creations and also works in quilting, primitive stitchery and photography.

Check out these cute pacman and tetris retro barrettes by Gimmeswords in deviantart- so cool!

Design Sponge posted a tutorial for making a terrariums for plants and little polymer clay mushrooms and gnomes. Use a small glass vessel, soil, decorating rocks, sand and crystals, plants of course and small polymer clay figures - great for a gift!

Ludie Amos is a retired school secretary, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother. She is also a prize-winning doll maker, quilt-maker, tapestry artist, painter and sculptor. Her dolls appear to be so real that you expect them to rise from their chairs and walk. She says that they communicate to her their names and what they want to wear while she’s working on them.


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