Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Polymeri Online 2.11.11 | Ghost Shift Fish, Kyoto Geikos mix media, Fimo tutorials & Autumn bracelet

I stumbled upon Sue Corrie's polymer clay and copper designs and was enchanted! This wonderful fish done with both materials is a refreshing combination and the possibilities are endless. When she thought to give up on being a full time artist she fell in love with polymer clay. Her projects are often completed in the moonlight hours when the family is sleeping- the Ghost Shift. She says ‘Dr Who’ fans know that the Ghost Shift was, I'm sure my son does!

Sharon House from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada loves to clay, as a mixed media artist she entered into Fine Arts Shows and lately have had accepted into a local gallery. Among her many talents she is also a story teller, not just for kids, for grown ups as well! It took her a while to find her passion with clay and few years into it, she is starting to figure that out. Much to her surprise, it’s not caning but more sculpture and what she would consider “practical stuff”.

You're invited to take a look at her cool "toothpick bead tool" - wonderful to bake or to dry your beads after varnish!
and one of her polymer pieces -

If you haven't yet visited in STAEDTLER fimo Creative tips page with cool tutorials and colorful ideas - You are welcome!

"Autumn in Scottish Mountains" bracelet by Czech Katerina Tumova has wonderful pattern inside. She has made an additional brooch with the same technique, almost looks like wooden design.

Stay tuned - Tomorrow is the big day - 3 "events"!! :)
1st, I will announce the 3 winners of "The Polymer Arts" Magazine, if you haven't yet entered - it's your last chance today.
2nd, I'm celebrating my 40's!! OMG, I don't feel 40!
3rd A short vacation in Italy for my birthday with DH, I'm sure it's going to be wonderful!

see ya!


  1. Hope you have a fantastic birthday and a wonderful vacation! Cara x

  2. Have a Happy Birthday and 40 is just a number!

  3. Wait, this is yesterday's post, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know, 40 is a bit tough, but after 4 months I'm almost accustomed to it, you'll be as well, the important thing is not letting a stupid number get to you + in your mind you're not 40 yet, right? Well, me neither ;) So happy 27th birthday and have a great time in the neighbourhood Italy :D

  4. Thanks for sharing the facts related to the designs It's a great help to me I was looking for the this thing and reached your post..And true This wonderful fish done with both materials is a refreshing combination...