Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer TRIO!

The countdown is really on now as there are only 2 more days left of summer vacation, and then the kids are back to school. They're not too happy about it, but I sure am *LOL* While it's been wonderful having them home, it's been chaotic as well :)

It is also the "end of the summer", but that doesn’t mean all of the fun has to stop :)
the weather is still hot every where on the planet, so the good news is that summer will stay for a while. In Israel it usually leaves at my birthday month (November) so we have a long wait!

While i was thinking for "end of summer" tutorials ideas, my daghter & myself went to buy her school equipment, getting ready for next year (she is 14).
We walked around, when suddenly her old Havaianas flip-flops came apart and we started laughing, "what should i do now, mom? walk barefoot?" she asked me, so we added a new pair of Havaianas to our list and i got a nice reminder about my popular flip-flops beads i used to make - they are always a big hit, making them with adults and children - why not write a tutorial about it?

So, just before the summer officially ends and the cooler weather comes our way, let's celebrate this time with an event that’s gonna leave a warm reminder -
Summer Trio is for you! fun for everyone!

I have come up with 3 New PolyPediaOnline Summer Classes -
1 - 3 variations of my Fashionable (and comfortable!) flip flop beads! to be used as charms for cell phones, keychains, earrings, pendants and so much more!
2 - Round, shiny and colorful beach ball beads! you will certainly love to attach to your summer beads
3 - Lot's of cool popsicle beads! - ice, vanilla, chocolate, cream, strawberry & 4 colored - make a beautiful charm bracelet out of them!

Buy only 1 - and get 2 additional for free!
yes, That's not a mistake :)

Have fun and a great new school year!


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