Thursday, August 5, 2010

Polymeri Online 5.8.10

It's seems like ages since i posted, i am all over my head in a big order i have to supply till the end of the month and i am working like crazy (but enjoying every minute!) :)

How about some links to cool the HOT and humid terrible wealther we have in Israel? August is the worst month here, I find myself sleeping/working/sitting on the air condition!

Play the guitar maybe? do you think this will cool the air? Sylvie has shared a nice millefiori tutorial with us on making a guital cane -

Kristie Foss who i met in Maryland @ CFCF has posted some of her creations in her new blog, she works in various materials - Fine Silver PMC, Polymer, Beadweaving, Bronze & Porcelain, i love her mika shift pendants!

and speaking of mika shift, look at these beautiful Spanish organic look jewelry by Tani-Ka,

This is so cute! fimo made hall of fame music characters made by buzhandmade - isn't this wonderful? Paul Mcartney, Billie JOEL, Jim Hendrix, Madonna and more! (photo)

have a cool weekend!


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