Friday, August 20, 2010

Like i promised, my organized studio

2 shelves from Ikea, 8 hours of work and endless items!
are you collecting craft tools, materials, beads, boxes like i am? do you HAVE to buy the new cookie cutter on sale?
I guess the answer is yes :), we have to have it all! just can't resist the temptation of buying the new hottest tool/thing!

fabric organizer for tools

I read so many posts about messy studios, i am curious, is it the same with other craft fields? anyway, after putting everything in place (now i can't seem to remember where i put this/that), everything looks much better - canes in boxes (did you notice most of them in hummus boxes? i just love hummus), cookie cutters in shoe boxes and hummus boxes, tools in a cup with a cool organizer i got as a gift from Julie Picarello, hand cream is ready just in case, a memo board is hanged in place and don't forget the big red bookcases for all OTHER items - it's a pleasure getting in my studio and work now!

boxes of hummus with canes

now - it's your turn! tell me about your studio :)

memo board on the wall
Magnetic Ikea Memo board

cookie cutters in hummus box
boxes of hummus with cookie cutters and tools

have a great weekend, ours is as hot as ever!