Friday, August 13, 2010

Polymeri Online 13.8.10

Just got back from IKEA with lovely white shelves to put in my studio, i find it so hard to stay organaized! do you feel the same? every time i put things back in place they somehow, for some reason, go back to a mess! so i figured that i need more storage places and those shelves will look perfect on my walls, promise to post a photo after i'm done!

Links for the Friday the 13th! what a date :)

Lilian Huang's cute little owls reminded me i wanted to make some for a long time, she is from Taipei Taiwan and started to learn PC from April 2010.

papagodesign / Sabine Spiesser from Australia is working on both polymer clay and digital collage, her work is delicate, accurate, and her colors & finish so beautiful.

Dear lone from Norway has posted a tutorial on making her sea urchins using a mold, take a look at her colorful work and her cute mice :)

Janja Prokic's photostream in flickr is full of animals and wonderful sculpturings, she is a jewellery designer moving from Prague to St Malo all the time, At the moment she's studying painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague Czech Republic, her clay jewelry are so full of details and facinating to explore.


  1. Oh, thank you Iris - what a surprise. Hugs from Lone

  2. Thanks, Iris. It's my great honor to show my artwork and link on your web site. I'm your fan and I relaly love your artwork.