Thursday, August 19, 2010

Polymeri Online 19.8.10

fantastisch-plastisc h / Tanja's polymer clay resembles all kind of materials, her round pebbels looks like glass combined with stone, and she is also making beautiful ivory and woody jewelry along with other techniques.

Check this Marmolad beads tutorial by nerepitxiak, take clay in all kinds of colors, cut them to pieces, mix, and you have a nice mosaic pattern to use in your beads.

Nicole D. playes with geometric shapes for her bracelets and earings, she uses layered stripes cane to make her jewelry.

Pnina moses is a friend and an Israeli artist which loves art in all kind of forms, besides her work in polymer clay she is also having a great time creating in Papier Mache and porcelain. she is also a dental doctor but that kind of art requires other special skills :)

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