Thursday, September 2, 2010

Polymeri Online 2.9.10

I don't know if you noticed, but facebook became a new source of beautiful art and useful links, i find myself wandering in galleries with lot's of beautiful items - what a joy!

1st from facebook is my dear friend Mira Krispil, she has posted some of her beautiful "Pinkaso" art, Mira (also known by the name "pinki") was my companion at my last trip to US and is also the manager of the Israeli guild. She has this wonderful ability to use colors and millefiori as if they were canvas and paint (picasso!) her gallery is full of wonderful pieces and the joy and optimism is seen every design.
flickr gallery, if you haven't yet read about her touching story, take a look at her flickr profile -

Another artist i found in facebook is Carie Schoen, she is making custom pieces sculpting tools for miniature work

daniela duva from Italy, is combining polymer clay with wire and her elegant pieces were featured in PCD exactly a year ago.

Olimpia Corvino is also an italian artist i have found in facebook, she is designing jewelry, beads, working with polymer clay (cernit), wire and her rich, chic designs play a wonderful game of color and shape.

I guess i will be touring inside facebook further more and certain to find lot of treasures :)

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  1. hello!! I like your works... and this blog is very interesting whit the presentetion of artistes..