Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Back and some new Polymeri Online

I'm back after almost 2 weeks i didn't post, now i feel a bit better.

Just after Rosh Hashana holiday when getting back from my son's swim class we were both hit in a traffic accident, thanks god we are ok, nothing broken, only pains and bruises that hopefully will heal soon.
Nothing prepares you to this experience, even when seeing and hearing about it over and over on TV and radio, I didn't understand what this means.
I lost my consciousness, my head was hit, parts of those moments i don't remember very well. Funny, but the only thing i was thinking about before i got into the CT scan is my artistic skills when checking my memory. Sounds totally out of place but i did think of my clay that moment. I know it's not a joke & i am not a religious person, but i feel that someone, up there, was keeping us safe and saved us that day. The car was totally ruined.

So, again, sorry for being away, i promise to be back on track and in my dear studio,
i am sure that this is the best cure for me.

I got some nice links for you this week, Just look at these beautiful mushrooms and tiny creatures in Cade's store, made of polymer clay, paper clay, sculpey & stamps

another wonderful crafted and customizable scented jewelry made by tinyhands, sweets and more sweets!

Sylvia's blog is full of great projects and a demo on how to twist a earring wire.

take care and please, drive carefully.