Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fun with Beads!

When i met Ronna Sarvas Weltman in the Feb 2010 CFCF event, i was very happy i can take a class with her, she was teaching how to make one of her stunning rings.

Recently, I received her 2 new dvd's and i enjoyed watching them very much.
In her 1st dvd - Mixed-Media: How to Make Polymer Clay Beads, Ronna is covering all the basics about conditioning and making her known beads, if you saw her book you would probably know what i am talking about, her unique style is shown in a friendly video where you can see not only photos, it's the working hands, movements and special tricks. I liked her tip about curing round beads!
in the video you will master beads shaping, curing, and texturing.

In her 2nd dvd - Metalwork: How to Shape, Texture, and Antique Wireworked Jewelry, Ronna shows step by step how to add depth and sophistication to simple wire jewelry - antiquing basics , jewelry-making skills such as making your own clasps and a fabulous ring in only 5 minutes!

This is great! thank you Ronna :)


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