Friday, September 10, 2010

Polymeri Online 10.9.10

Just a quick polymeri online while i am on a short vacation in beautiful city Eilat on Rosh Hashana holiday, weather is hot and sunny, kids are at the swimming pool and snorkeling, and everything is wonderful :)

I was touring in the shops, i saw all kind of wonderful Pandora style beads, usually made of glass, these beads are great and so elegant.
Then i saw Dani's polymer clay beads and loved them, She is from Australia and her beads are sold on "madeit" site and in Etsy too.

and one more... Julie Eakes posted about the new cane slicer by Carol Simmons, all we can is drool more and more, wishing for a machine like that to be a part of our studio, i know everyone will love to have it but the people most need it are the ones working with huge canes. I also saw her presentation in Synergy, and indeed her process for making her pendants and kaleidoscoping is wonderful. check her thin thin slicing...


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