Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Polymeri Online 29.8.12 | My personal celebration, Never judge a book by it's movie pin, Milk gallon photo studio, Leaves tutorial, Polymer zombie locket

Amit's BarMitzva
Some of you probably follow me on FB so please forgive me if I am repeating myself :)
That's it, my sweet son's BarMitzva (triple package - ceremony in the western wall, party and groom's Sabbath) are over now, it was an adventure, emotional experience for me as a mother but all the same exciting and thrilling, not everyday my little baby turns 13 and now considered an adult! (a small one, but still an adult).
As you can guess I spent endless hours, days and weeks of planning but I enjoyed every minute! :)
Happy Birthday my sweet Amit! I wish you all the best and may god bless you :)

Family photos are a must - right?
If you look closely you can see my inked necklace

Amit & Dad in the western wall ceremony

Now I can go back to work on new ideas, new classes and new weekly posts.

Polymer clay bubble pin

Roberta from Verona, Italy creates these super cute and clever polymer clay speech bubbles with a funny smart quote - "never judge a book by it's movie", or "I'm not weird. I'm limited edition" :) made me smile!
She used to work in the human resources field but almost one year ago decided to turn her great passion for creativity into a real job.

Your new polymer clay photo studio
Milk Gallon!
Have you ever thought about taking your jewelry pictures inside a milk gallon? Tanya Roy Veit, an artist working with Dichroic Glass posted a very original idea for taking pictures - she said she tried everything she can think of to improve her pictures, taken thousands of them over the years and spent hundreds of dollars on photo domes, photo cubes, cloud domes. This tip came from a family friend - She is using a 2.99$ milk gallon as her "photo studio!"

Polymer clay leaves tutorial
Here is a simple and cool tutorial by muxa_art (taken from the Russian blog) for making polymer clay leaves using real leaves as an impression along with metallic powders.

Polymer clay zombie locket
Getting ready for Halloween? here is a zombie eyeball heart locket necklace made of polymer.
If you look up in the dictionary what a "rapscallion" is, it's a youngster, brat, little terror. If you ask the people from "rapscallion", it's just a word that they thought sounded interesting when started their business on 2003. In addition to polymer clay work you will find footwear, clothing and more on their website.


  1. Thank you very much for the article about me!
    You made me a wonderful birthday's present! :)