Sunday, August 19, 2012

Polymeri Online 19.8.12 | Polymer windup toys, Marine & Zippered jeans bracelets, 3D avocado cane and Cute cake toppers

Polymer clay toys
Sswoss is a Singapore artist who specialize in design, illustration and both integrated into clay illustration designs.
If I am correct, she takes windup toys, add polymer clay figures, details and decorations, and you have a whole new different super special toy.
She is also using paper and scissors to create her unique designs, in this photo with a cute rocking giraffe toy.
Click on the right column to see more of her work, and her blog here

Marine polymer clay wavy bracelet
Dina Kovalkina's Marine bracelet reminded me that I haven't been in the beach this summer. This is especially ridiculous because I live 10 minutes of the nearest beach...
The jellyfish and the extreme heat kept me in the air condition but thanks to my daily walks to the post office I got a nice tan on my arms (with sunscreen!) :)
Her bracelet is all wavy on the sides, this feature will work great with the super soft clay these days.
She is from Russia and uses polymer clay with semi-precious stones, glasses and Czech crystal stones .
Here is another coily earring set to think about.

Polymer clay zippered bracelet
Zippered jeans bracelet? Spanish Miryam Garcia made this one for a swap in the spanish association, The swap was to make a trade for a bracelet or bangle with another member.
Don't miss her brush beads - metal base beads with millefiori canes as brush hair!

Avocado millefiori cane
I found Elizabeth West avocado cane in her flickr gallery a long time ago, I really liked the center part of it - made of shaded brown which seems almost 3D.
I wish she had more of her polymer work in her flickr/etsy.

Polymer clay cake toppers
I couldn't resist Maria's cake toppers, They are so cute! Maria finished tourist & business administration Studies in Greece, She opened up her Etsy shop after being motivated to do so by friends and family. It was so hard to choose which one to show in the enclosed photo, finally I chose a bride penguin and a groom piggy :)


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