Saturday, August 11, 2012

Polymeri Online 11.8.12 | Polymer and mosaics, Silver and polymer, Incense stick holder and Child head tutorial

This week I decided to dig into my list and feature some of the older fav I've bookmarked myself to post here, this list contains all my future posts and is being collected slowly with every polymer piece I see online -

Polymer Clay and Mosaic
Nataly is a mosaic artist born in Russia but currently lives in Israel.
All crafts and mosaics helps her unwind from her work as a neuroscientist in the hospital research laboratory. She started to create as a way to lose weight, because she wasn't able eat in evening as part of her diet. Mosaic helped her.
As a neuroscientist she knows that creating has so many good health effects and this is also part of the reasons to keep doing it.
Nataly's work is usually created using small stones, mosaic/glass tiles but occasionally she uses polymer clay as a free form decoration along with all other tiles.
In this piece - a tree in bloom, she used mosaic tiles, small stones, glass beads and polymer clay. It was made as a 72 birthday present for her mother.
Check out her fish clock using organic glass base, decorated with mosaic and air-dry clay.

Polymer Clay and Silver Brooch
Krista Breckman works with silver, copper, metals and.. polymer clay.
Her work with polymer includes techniques like mokume gane and  metal leaf and the addition of silver bordering makes it so elegant.

Polymer Clay Incense Stick Holder - Prince Frog
Italian Leila Bidler made a super cuter incense stick holder for a swap back in 2009, the swap theme was fairy tales and she decided to create a frog prince with a golden ball.
A incense burner is super easy to make, all you have to do is find your main piece and pierce a hole for the stick (make sure it is far enough from the clay to avoid polymer burning).
Glow in the dark Incense Holder
Here is another example by RedPebbleArt (Valerie Marousek) - A lotus burner made with glow in the dark fimo which is great for the total atmosphere.

Polymer Clay Tutorial -
Sculpting a Child Head
Sculpturing was never my strong point, therefore I admire every person who has a talent for this part of art, Lewis Goldstein posted a tutorial for sculpturing a polymer clay child head. After taking a look at the photos, I think I can do it too. Looks so easy when you see all the steps - right?
More of his(her?) work and gallery - here

Have a great weekend!