Wednesday, September 5, 2012

FREE Video | How to Create Polymer Clay Halloween Mummy Face Millefiori Cane

Free polymer clay video!
Mummy face millefiori cane

Purim (a similar jewish version for Halloween) was the holiday I loved the most as a child. I remember I used to wait for the day my mother asks me "who do you want to be" this year?
I was a ballerina, little red riding hood, a hippie, a rabbit, a traditional Japanese dressed lady, and even a kitty (it's me age 4 in the photo!).
All these special costumes were handmade by my mother and I can not thank her enough for being so cooperative with our childhood desires.

Purim is due in 6 months but Halloween is only 60 days away!
Have you planned your polymer clay projects? gifts? treats?

Me as a kitty!
You are most welcome to join me in a new FREE 29 minutes video tutorial, teaching you all how to create this spooky (spooky? I think it's cute!) millefiori mummy face cane, made of only 3 clay colors - white, grey and black.
Skinner blend, stitched lips, black eyeballs and nose - and you have a super cool cane to add to your Halloween gift collection!

Lot's of useful tips are included in this video, including my way of creating a skinner blend, inserting details inside a round cane, accurate slicing of a plug, stripy finish wrap around the cane, and many more!


Don't miss the special giveaway! SORRY! Giveaway closed!

I am giving away 3 canes of this cutie!

Post a comment under this post with your answer -
=> What was your favorite costume on Halloween as a child?
=> Post a link to one of your polymer clay Halloween themed creations!

Post your comments below along with your email address so I can contact you if you win -
In my next PolymeriOnline blog post, 3 of you will be drawn out from all the comments and WIN A CANE - FREE!

Good luck and have fun!