Saturday, August 6, 2011

Polymeri Online 6.8.11 | Special cake toppers, Crayon's necklace, Spoon bead core and Polymer clay horns

With a degree in Sociology and Psychology, Christina Robinson worked in the mental health field, and pursued various avenues of careers. Before finally settling on the fact that she wanted to work
full time on her art, she took classes toward finishing a degree in Biology in hopes to do research in genetics and nutrition. Her current interests include creating beautiful accessories, oil painting, and sculpting art dolls in her own unique style, with a special face expression I can't really describe in words....
Don't miss her "in process" photos of one of her pieces -

Dany Teysseire-Mlanao is a graduated from the Regional Academy of Fine-Art in Valence (France) specializing in painting. his (I hope I'm correct) artistic expression goes in three diverse directions: paint on textile and creation of clothing, plastic animation and dressmaking. He has been creating jewelry since 1994 and produced costumes for shows and the
theatre. In his free time he enjoys 7 hours per week of kick-boxing and 800 sit-ups later (Did I mention I walk the dog??) :) In this piece he is using resin, paper, drawing crayon and of course polymer clay.

Galina (Grgalina) has posted a cool tutorial for creating a a bead core made of aluminum foil and... spoon! It's a bit of an oldie but who's counting?
Galina was a guest in my blog but was not introduced in full in my previous post (here) - she was born in Russia, but since 1998, lived in different places around the world, from Singapore to Ireland. At present time she lives in Dublin, Ireland. For many years she worked as a computer designer, but discovered polymer clay few years ago, and since then her soul & mind are into it.

I found these polymer clay costume horns using aluminum foil in cut out and keep website which is full of simple projects using polymer clay.

Have a great weekend! I'm off to my studio planning my next project :)

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  1. Thank you for featuring these great artists! Off to visit their links... Looking forward to seeing more of their work!