Saturday, March 5, 2011

Polymeri Online 5.3.11

Dimitra is a greek living in the Netherlands, since she can remember herself, she was always creating things with her hands. she has worked with different kind or materials : oil and acrylic paint, papier mache, wire, porcelain, wood,and many others. Polymer has always been her biggest passion. Take a look at her colorful circle shape beads necklace using millefiori canes

Polka dots sheet tutorial by Grgalina from Russia, and there are several more in her blog

Polymer clay crochet hook handles are one of the hundreds ways we can use millefiori canes, UK artist Cara made these lovely decorated hooks

Tapestry blog also posted about covering her crochet hooks with polymer clay and have a video showing it, she says crocheting with a hook that has a handle is better than crocheting with a naked hook. Not only do you look very cool crocheting with a one-of-a-kind work of art, the handle makes crocheting tightly much easier.

To tell you the truth, i am starting my affair with crochet, you'll be hearing about this soon, this is one craft i can take with me anywhere!

FloRaeMe decorated drill tools handles also using colorful millefiori canes
You may also want to check her Makeshift light box post on how to photograph her art

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