Thursday, March 10, 2011

Polymeri Online 10.3.11


Melody Tallon from Australia, like very many people, has always needed to create and was fortunate to have parents who encouraged both her and sister to explore different ways of being creative while children, her designs in polymer clay are multicolored and unique and match the fact that her favorite subjects in school were science and art - it looks like a pure research in polymer clay abilities :)

Donna Griggs lives in the east coast of Tasmania and inspired by so much around her ,always documenting journeys around her beautiful state using photographs along with the colours and textures she sees. She discovered polymer as a medium two years ago, and after her studies in Contemporary Art Craft and Design at Tasmanian Polytecnique College she uses precious metals with polymer in her work.

Debbie Crothers lives on the west coast of Australia, she has been a "clay addict" for about 3 years :) Her favourite things to play around with would have to be liquid clay. She has been working on trying to create faux-glass for a while with medium success - "still lots more to play with though" as she says :).
She is the manager of the Aussiepolyclayers Online Forum, through it she made some fantastic contacts and many friends and learnt much from her extremely generous and talented Aussie clayers.
They are a fairly small but very active group and involve with their monthly challenges and swaps and numerous other fun stuff throughout the year.
This year they have organised a major competition for the group with some great prizes, so keep a look out for more information on this one!

Zarina Ahmed is a west Australian, her passion for polymer clay began many years ago by chance and has developed into somewhat of an obsession.
In her home studio, she hand-makes each bead lovingly using her favourite techniques such as mokume gane, canework, inks, metallic powders and metal leaf.
Her jewellery is classic , yet contemporary and inspired by nature.

and... Jon Anderson uploaded a new and exciting video on his canning process - watching it again and again and still i can't believe the detailing in his canes - speachless.

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Jon Anderson.....I too am speechless. I have no idea how he gets his canes so perfect!

  2. congratulations to all my fellow Aussies from Aussiepolyclayers...a talented bunch down under!

  3. Wow, Iris - thanks so much for giving me a mention. I really, really appreciate it! Cheers!

  4. Such wonderfully talented artisans! Beautiful work by all!